Sport and Inclusion for an Healthy Lifestyle - SI Health


"Sport and Inclusion for an Healthy Lifestyle - SI Health" is a Strategic Partnership in the EU Erasmus+ program and a transnational youth initiative whose main aim is to promote healthy behaviors for all in an inclusive perspective of sport.

The results of the last survey by the Eurobarometer on Sport and Physical activity, reports that the 59% of the European citizens declared to never practice physical exercise or sport or practice it just a little; physical inactivity is even greater among people with disabilities. The project originated from the will of an Italian and a German group of young people and young people with disability to experience and promote an inclusive dimension of sport able to overcome the physical barriers and to stimulate cooperation between disabled and able-bodied people. The project had  a duration from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016; the activities were be implemented at the same time and in cooperation in Bremen and in Palermo by two groups of 12 young people, who addressed topics as healthy lifestyle and healthy eating and looked for experience some possibilities of inclusive sports. They compared the attitude toward sport and physical exercise in their home countries and the possibilities to practice sport offered to disabled people; in this way they became able to raise social awareness about the importance of an healthy lifestyle and to spread the practice of inclusive sports, while disseminating the European values of equality, non discrimination, tolerance and solidarity, acting as active citizens and promoting the international cooperation and exchange of good practices.

The project forganized two international meetings (at Bremen in autumn 2015 and at Palermo in May 2016). SI Health contributed to the enhancement of public health through physical activity and the use of the potential of sport for social inclusion, integration and equal opportunities as suggested by the White Paper on sport by the European Commission. Furthermore it created elements for the building of a real Inclusive Europe, fighting social exclusion of people with disabilities and spreading a new attitude towards disability based on cooperation.
The results were published on the partnership homepage, a facebook blog and in a booklet, for download. The experience of the Bremen project group at the meeting in Palermo is shown in the video.