Europäische Projekte der Diakonie

Art of Inclusion (2016-2019)

Erasmus+ Adult Learning Strategic Partnership 

The main aim of the partnership is to represent a means of sharing of methods and techniques for the creation of learning opportunities for adult people with disabilities among the 4 partner organizations, who manage daily centers for people with disabilities in four different Countries (Italy, Romania, Germany, Portugal). The project foresee the creation of blended mobilities, so the partner organizations will experience innovative ways of cooperation and creation of educative opportunities, using and creating digital tools of learning that will be opened to everybody and without barriers of geographical boundaries. Another important aspect of this partnership is represented by the involvement in the activities of adult disabled learners and adult learners, creating an inclusive international environment with the aim to spread best practices of inclusive education. The use of Art will represent a vehicle for the educational path, that will facilitate the relation among the learners with mixed abilities and coming from different Countries, thanks to its ability to overcome eventual language and relational barriers.

Vergangene Projekte (Englisch)